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How to get Falcon companion in PUBG Mobile

The new 0.15.5 update of PUBG Mobile was rolled out on 9 November bringing a lot of new item in game.

Along with the pretty obvious and much awaited brand new Season 10, there came out a lot of new skins (cars & gun), new vehicle and a whole new map (RUINS) for “TDM Warehouse” mode.


But rather than just normal skins, season and weapon updates this one brought a whole new attention gathering thing – A COMPANION.

Yes, Now you can now have companion bird – FALCON, with you throughout the game play.
There won’t be any offensive or defensive perks of this companion, but it will be with you, flying around and sitting on your shoulder through the match and can be seen by you and your squad, but your enemies won’t be able to see it and similarly you can’t see your opponent’s companion.Now lets talk about how can you get this flying friend. You will have to follow a series of simple steps and you can have the falcon in no time.1) DISCOVER FALCONRY MANUAL –
You will have to go to “Time-Limited” menu and find the discover the FALCONRY MANUAL,
It contains all the information you need to know about the falcon and also contains rewards which will help you in getting it sooner.
Click on the parts shown in picture to get the rewards.


Now in Themed section you will see that you must have 50 rewards to get the falcon companion.

You can earn 5 rewards per day by playing the classic match as shown in the section and hence can unlock your falcon.

Sounds too long and boring, right?
Don’t worry, we got an alternative for you.

If you have ROYAL PASS for season 10, you can purchase the rewards from “REEDEM” tab in royal pass section.

Apart from the falcon, season 10 ROYAL PASS rewards you with many more things like- Character dresses, Gun skins, Vehicle skins and a lot of UC cash.
To get it, you just have to click the “UPGRADE PASS” button and you will see this on your screen.

Here you can buy a Elite pass for 600 UC which will give you access to all 100 RP rewards and with also unlock the Elite missions for you.
You will have a second option to buy “Elite upgrade plus- ROYAL PASS” to get further more benefits.
It will cost you 1800 UC and along with unlocking of 100 RP rewards and elite missions, it will provide you a instant of 25 RP ranks, an Ice sculpture snowmobile skin, a frag grande skin and Roaring magma avatar.
So that was all you needed to know to get the falcon companion.
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  1. I’m pubg player, and your article helps me alot, but I couldn’t achieve the materials to unlock the falcon as I couldn’t afford to upgrade the royal pass.
    If you could please help me
    This is my ID:6564377319


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