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PUBG Hacks : Learn how to hack and work on It

PUBG mobile has changed the view of gamers for the games in mobile. It has a vast range of features and gameplay techniques. But every coin has two faces. As on the one hand, gamers are loving the game, and developers are working on PUBG mobile to make it more interactive and working on its glitches. On another side, hackers are creating PUBG MODs. MODs affected both the gameplay and the gamer’s mindset. We are here elaborating on most of the PUBG mobile hacks developed by the hackers and are famous among them. Also, the attractive part of these hacks is that it comes with no root. Which means the user can use all the hacks without rooting their device. The most famous hacks that are trendy nowadays are wallhack, jump hack, magic bullet, speed hack, aim hack, and many more.


Wall Hack

This hack allows gamers to see through walls and helps to spot enemies hiding behind the walls. Also, the hack shows items, vehicles, and supply drops and make the loot easy. Which leads to survive a lot longer by avoiding players. The player may also kill the enemies through walls. The hack is available in APK MOD and iOS MOD. However, PUBG developers have improved this hack and made the game more secure.

Aimbot Hack

This hack is a bot that shoots your enemy for you after holding down a button. Sounds quite simple? Well, this hack is one of the most potent hacks in the PUBG mobile world. Also, the hack is rare to see among the players using hacks. This helps the user to increase the aim assist. The aimbot MOD is developed is such a way that it does more than required for aiming the enemies.

Speed Hacks


This hack allows gamers to run faster than an average player. After the player knocked out, the speed for the player decreases. This hack helps the player to run more quickly than the default of the PUBG mobile. This hack is mostly used for planking against enemies. Also. The player can run when got shot by a player. This leads to prolonged and safe survival throughout the game. The drawback of the hack is that it starts losing frames leads to lagging the gameplay.

No Recoil Hack

This MOD is clear by its name. The hack will control the recoil of every gun. This also works on pistols. The player can shoot every single bullet at a specific point without any recoil.


Colour Hack

This MOD allows gamers to spot the enemy by changing the color of the skin. The user can easily change the color of the enemy’s skin so the enemies will be noticed from a long-range too.


Jump Hack

By using this hack, the gamer can make their player jump a bit high from normal ones. After using the jumping hack, the player can go to the trace of the house.

After the recent updates, the developers have fixed many glitches for making the game more genuine. The latest update also banned many IDs using different hacks.



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