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PUBG is all about survival, shooting down enemies, and teamwork. These three things can either lead you to victory or get you knocked out in the very beginning of the game. The most important thing is survival and, most importantly, how to survive when you don’t have teammates left alive in clutch situations. Well, with the mentioned tips and tricks, you can easily lead your team to back to back Chicken Dinners.


  • Choosing a place to land very carefully: 

You must be very careful where you are landing. Make sure you land on a spot that has enough loot for four players and less crowd as well. It is not wise to land in Georgopool were an extensive number of teams land, and its not wise as well to land in Zharki, where there is almost no loot.

  • Loot First before taking fight: 

It is not advised to take the fight with other teams until you are loaded with proper accessories. Always try to grab loot in the beginning as much as possible and then engage with enemies. You will always have an advantage over your enemies if you possess a helmet and armor on your body. You will be less fragile than the enemy is to you.


  • Keep an Eye of the Mini-Map:

Mini-map is the only indicator that lets you know instantly from where the shots are getting fired. It shows a vast amount of information like if 2-3 people are walking or running near you, then it will show three footsteps on it. Also, it shows the marks from where bullets are being fired from. You can catch your enemies off-guard when you carefully watch mini-map and know their exact position around you.


  • More Cars, More Safety:

Even though this thing is common in competitive tournament games, but it is still uncommon in normal matchmaking. People tend to move around in the same car and sometimes get blown up along with the whole team either with the air bomb or in a fight with the enemy. The best thing is to move in a group of two-two in two cars where two are drivers, and two people can assist in shooting if you collide with an enemy team. This way even, one car blows up, you still have two teammates up for fighting and surviving the game.


  • Hide and fight:

You must not roam in open because you are easy prey. Always hide and take advantage when your enemy is not ready and is in your range. Shooting an enemy is easy like a potato when they are unaware of your position. Try to peek and shoot for better results.


  • Perfect Use of Utilities:

Utilities here refer to the grenades that are available in the game. The most useful throwables are Molotov and Frag Grenade. These possess very great damage on the enemy team, and perfect land can even get an enemy down easily. With back to back use, you can master the timing of throwing a frag grenade and confirm your kills easily. Molotovs are extremely useful when you are rushing a team, and smoke grenade can help you in providing extra cover in open areas.



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