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PUBG Season 10 Royal Pass in Discount/Free

PUBG Mobile is a realistic, fps shooting game for android and iOS devices. PUBG is currently leading the Mobile Gaming industry, and brands like ROG and Razer are investing a huge sum of money for organizing World level tournaments across the globe. PUBG constantly is getting daily updates to keep the game bug-free and adding new stuff to keep it interesting for the regular players. With the recent update 0.15.5, PUBG has introduced Royal Pass for Season 10.

how to get falcon comapanion free

  • New Update:

  • Season 10 is here with the new TDM Ruins map, new character, and Companion system!
  • All new Apocalypse themed Season 10 is here
  • New amazing rewards
  • Passes can be gifted or requested
  • New TDM Map – Ruins
  • Sliding action and resurrections
  • Changes in Classic – Vikendi
  • New MP5K SMG
  • New vehicle Zima
  • New character: Sara (pending)
  • Companion: Falcon (pending)
  • Chance to get a free Companion

It went live on November 8 with the official name Royal Pass 10: Fury of the Wasteland. It also includes a new map, “The Ruins” in TDM mode. With Royal Pass comes extra perks like new dance moves, new cloth skins, and weapon skins as well. These skins make your character look cool and stand out from others in-game. But the issue is how to get the Royal Pass?


Hundreds of people search about getting the Royal Pass for Free daily. Let me tell you one thing. You can get it for free, but you have to give a slight pain to your hands before grabbing the exclusive Royal Pass before your friends do.


Well, Tencent is a big brand, and you can’t get Royal Pass from any crack or hack. You ethically have to pay them a small amount of money to get the Royal Pass for your account. Do you now think about how you can arrange that amount of money? Here is a trick. What if I tell you, You can arrange this sum of money with just a few clicks on your android or iOS device on which you are playing your favorite game PUBG.


  • Google Rewards is an application from Google the pays you for doing surveys for them. Yes, Google will pay you ranging from 5-25 Rs. Per the survey, you fill for them. On average, you will get 2-3 surveys daily, and you will get 20-30 Rs per day. Doing a little calculation will tell you that you just need to fill 16-20 surveys.

Now, the thing comes is of transaction. You may not want to use the card of your as well as let him know about your purchasing, and then you need not worry as all the balance stays in your Google account, which can be used directly to pay in the game.


You can constantly fill surveys to collect the amount for the upcoming seasons and show off cool stuff to your friends.



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