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Pubg became sensation from the day of its launching in the game industry. Though it is a game of large memory but still it has ruled over the hearts of million people. Pubg in its full form is known as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. The game is available on both Android and iOS and can be played on both mobile as well as PC. There are some important tips and tricks which will help the players in bagging sweet, sweet chicken dinner.


While playing you must choose your landing place carefully. You have to look for the best loot spots and have to avoid many players. There are some best areas where you can get weapons such as military base, power plant and major towns but there can be seasoned players too. For decent landing you can use your parachute too. 


In pubg, if you are dead while playing then you are dead. In solo game there is no second chance to play and while playing in squad you will be risking your team victory if you will be getting out early. While playing your major motto should be to grab loot as early as possible because loot will contain weapons like AWM Sniper rifle which is quite powerful. But don’t forget there are others too to grab the loot. While hitting the floor for once, you should gear up so that you do not fall in trouble. In early stage of the game, the major loot components are half decent weapons, ammo, armor and backup level upto stage 3. 


In pubg it is important to balance the trick of hiding and striking. It is quite tricky, but while playing you should never open fire unless you are sure that your weapon has a chance of hitting the target. Practice makes a man perfect. It will take time to learn whether if you are in range or not . Shotguns and SMGs are useful for burst damage, assault rifles and pistols are beneficial in mid range fights and sniper rifles for targeting at large distances. Always try to carry complementary weapons on your hand. Do not carry two weapons which serves the same purpose. 


It will take you to play some games for properly understanding the outlining of game. While going through landscape you must pay heed to the mini map and observe diminishing playing area. “The Circle” is the safest place in Pubg, while playing it might begin to shrink and if you are out of the circle for long duration, then you will eventually die. Each new circle will be shown on your map as white outline, and if you are observing it properly you know where you have to go next for your safety.


While playing early stages of the game there is no need to rush but in the end you have to save yourself from death. You should try to remain in cover, but if you have to move, move fast and with purpose. 




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